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Double Bale Handler

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Strong and robust in the design, the Rossmore Double Bale Handler is designed to carry two round bales at once, minimizing work and travel time. The first bale is picked using either side of the handler.
The second bale is picked by extending the free side and placing the rollers at either side of the bale, while keeping the first bale off the ground to prevent it becoming damaged. The bale handler is then lowered when the second bale is in contact with the stopper plate. The outside roller is then retracted under the bale, securing the second bale in place.
Double Bale Handler Features
• Both sides are independently controlled by two double acting hydraulic cylinders
• Can handle misshaped bales and/or two different size bales
• Heavy duty in construction using 8mm & 6mm box section
• Four free turning rollers to prevent bales becoming damaged
• Multiple 3 Pt. linkage pickup points
• Removable rollers reveal four heavy duty stonefork tines